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Kudos to Immigration Equality

Amsterdam, June 7 2009. We, Martha and Lin are back in Amsterdam. We are tremendously grateful to the good folk at Immigration Equality who are putting in the long hours, strategizing behind the scenes, talking with the press and bringing us that crucial step closer to having equal access to the US legal system. I encourage love exiles to get in touch with Steve Ralls and Julie Kruze of the Washington office and thank them for their tremendous efforts on our behalf. And if you can, send them money.  It takes dedication and love to do this work, but it also takes money.front-graphic

IE has been successful in getting press on theis issue. Ignore the headline – it is not true, but read the article in The Advocate.

Getting the message out is so important. We are a significant number but not a large number of people affected by the gratuitously cruel immigration law. Many of us are so stunned when we are confronted by this law that we think we are on our own. We need to share with as many people as we can that we have been exiled or are facing exile. We need to get messages of support from people in our community – our friends, colleagues, family – and send them to our elected representatives, so they can give voice to our need and help us change the cruel laws.

We have to be aware that we are now in a position to set the agenda. The Bush years are over. There is no longer a majority in favor of denying us our human rights. The religious right can speak out against UAFA, but they are losing ground. We have new allies, allies who have seldom spoken out in public on political issues, like the American Psychologists Association and the American Bar Association. We have allies in various US human rights organizations. We need to reach out to them for their support,  people like the Rev. James A Forbes Jnr, and Breakthrough.

I’m fired up.


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