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Thanks to a courageous couple

Jenny and Ottie are a loving couple of 19 years, mothers of grown children, who faced a dilemma no American family should have to face: keeping their family together.
Most families don’t have to turn to the media (video) to share their grief and anger in the hope of remaining in the country they call home.

After four years in the USA, Jenny and Ottie were forced to leave their home in Delaware for exile in the Netherlands, far from Jenny’s aging parents and siblings.
These are the kind of American family ties that US immigration law egregiously violates:

Phipps returned to the states about four years ago to help her brother, who was diagnosed with lymphoma. She was the only sibling able to donate stem cells to help treat him.

But the illness got worse and her brother died after a year. That’s when Phipps decided she needed to be close to her parents and siblings. Delaware Online – read full article here

A woman with the family commitment and ultimate generosity to give up her life in the Netherlands, donate stem cells to her brother, and stay near her parents and siblings after her brother’s death.
On November 17, Jenny and Ottie left their home in Delaware. They don’t know when and if they will be able to return.
On November 17, the Netherlands gained a powerful and loving family. Thanks to Jenny and Ottie’s efforts, Judiciary Committee member Senator Kaufman came out in support of the Uniting American Families Act. Nine Democrats on the Judiciary Committee chaired by Senator Leahy support this legislative change to unite American families. 3 Democrats on the  committee have not yet expressed support for the bill: Kohl, Klobucher, and Feinstein.

On November 17 the United States lost a powerful and loving family.

Thank you Jenny and Ottie for having the courage to reach out and share your story with your elected representatives and the media. You made a difference to Senator Kaufman and your congressional representative. You have made a difference to all of us who have had face the choice between our partner and country. We are honored to have you as part of our community in the Netherlands.


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This entry was posted on December 6, 2009 by in US Legislation.

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