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President Obama says DOMA is unconstitutional and will not defend it in court

Today we’re in awe of the millions of LGBT people and our friends and family who are tipping the scales in favor of love and acceptance. This news brings us one step closer to winning legal rights for our families and ending the cruel exile of so many binational same-sex couples. DOMA is still on the books, and we still face the same challenges to keep our families together. The news from the White House gives us hope. It also reminds us how important it is to keep sharing our stories. No US citizen should have to choose between the person they love and their country.
Obama drops defense of Defense of Marriage Act

2 comments on “President Obama says DOMA is unconstitutional and will not defend it in court

  1. adam
    February 24, 2011

    what does this mean for US citizens in relationships with non-nationals. Could a couple get married in IOWA now and sponsor their partner? Is that comming or are we there?

    • loveexiles
      February 24, 2011

      DOMA is still on the books. That means that our marriages are still not federally recognized. Dianne Feinstein committed yesterday to introducing legislation to repeal DOMA. There are cases challenging DOMA working their way through the courts. It’s important now to keep letting our elected representatives know how crucial it is for us to end these discriminatory laws.

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This entry was posted on February 23, 2011 by in equal rights for families, US Legislation.

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